Monthly Archives: March, 2013


Goodge Law Photo Shoot

Studio photos for the Goodge Law website

After a couple of weeks of hard-work, the car was back on the road, good as new!

Restoring The Magnet

Photos tracking some of the restoration work on my 1975 BMW 2002

Meanwhile, Raj and Tracey cleaned the main community areas.

LaSalle Volunteers at Emmaus Lambeth

A team of volunteers from LaSalle visit Emmaus Lambeth.

This is the way to start a Sunday morning. The view across the Loch to the village are always wonderful - but I think they are at their best when the sun is rising or setting.

Holiday at An Cos

An Cos is a beautiful Highland home – where we were invited to stay for a week in March.

Denny meets a collection of other Spurs Chairmen including: Chairman of the Harlow Branch, Chairman of the Spurs Taxi Drivers (Kent branch), Chairman of the 'It's time to get your round in Wayne...'

Steffen Freund meets Denny and Heather

Chairman of Chicago Spurs visits White Hart Lane

Gnome House (1)

Gnome House

Photos from Gnome House