• NOBs vs W&SCC 2015. Match Report by Mark Burton

    Off the field events threatened to overshadow the game everyone has been waiting for. “Forget the Ashes, generic ” said former England Captain Michael Vaughan on the Tuffers & Vaughan show last week. “What real cricket fans want to see is Warborough and Shillingford Cricket Club vs the NOBs.” But the much heralded game was in danger of being rained off until the clouds parted and after an early lunch meant play began after only a short delay.
    “We served lunch early in the clubhouse,” explained W&SCC stalwart Doris Snr, “and the Warbourough and Shillingford lads and lassie were in good spirits. We’ve been training hard all year – ever since […]

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  • The Transformation of Gnome House

    When I first walked inside Gnome House it was a dark, health cavernous shell. I was there because the forces of urban regeneration and the power of investment capital had arrived at the end of my road. Gnome House would be resurrected by the building developers who planned to construct 500 new homes on the surrounding site. Local partners were needed to help transform the one-time factory into a community creative space so I volunteered to be one of four directors responsible for the project. We negotiated, store planned and designed. After 18 months, I began making ‘before’ pictures of Gnome House – if only as historic […]

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  • NOBs vs W&SCC 2014

    There can be few more beautiful village cricket pitches than the one that’s home to Warborough and Shillingford Cricket Club in Oxfordshire.

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  • Crisis at Christmas

    Portraits and interviews of Crisis volunteers, 2006.

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  • Mibila Village Clinic, an update

    Mibila Village Clinic. The word ‘Handenu’ painted on the front means ‘be healed.’
    Three years ago, advice I became involved with a project to provide primary healthcare in a remote region of Zambia, approved in southern Africa.

    Jon Witt and Barry Ilunga. Their vision made the clinic a reality.
    My friends Jon Witt and Bishop Barry Ilunga decided to build a clinic at the end of an 18 kilometer track (which itself is 30 kilometers from the nearest town).

    It is 18 kilometers from Mibila to the main road. Before the clinic was built, information pills this distance and terrain meant that an extreme medical emergency would almost always be fatal.
    A […]

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  • The ultimate Flitch-u-mentary

    Some time in the dim and distant mists of time… March 2004 to be precise… Chris Collins, and self-styled ‘directional savant,’ Jeff Dotts, got lost en-route from Heathrow Airport to visit me in Suffolk.
    Fortuitously, they stumbled across a sign saying, ‘Great Dunmow, Ancient Flitch Town.’ Their curiosity piqued, they subsquently found out all about the famous Great Dunmow Flitch Trials, where married couples can put their love on trial, and if successful, win half a pig. The die was cast – they resolved to return with wives and friends, and compete for half a cured, salted pig as couples have done since 1104.
    Despite the fluctuations on the currency market meaning […]

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  • Tottenham Marshes Bat Walk

    About half a mile from my home in Walthamstow, the streets and industrial units all come to an abrupt halt. The cityscape is replaced by the waterways and marshes of the Lea Valley Park Authority.
    The park runs for 26 miles from the banks of the River Thames out into Hertfordshire and is dedicated to nature conservation and recreation. On a casual afternoon stroll you’re likely to share the park with people running, biking, canoeing or boating.
    But at night, the park becomes a different place when the nocturnal creatures – like bats – come out to feed.
    Curious to know more, Bronny, Del, Sarah and myself decided to join a ‘bat walk’ […]

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  • Shieldaig vs Lochcarron: highland darts challenge

    The Ashes… Rangers vs Celtic…. the north London Derby….. England vs Germany…. Ross County vs Inverness Caledonian Thistle….these are just some of the great sporting rivalries in the world. And now, ambulance we can add to this list: the darts challenge between the villages of Shieldaig and Lochcarron.

    You’re going home in a Lochcarron mini-bus
    Nestled in the picturesque highlands of Scotland, cialis 40mg passing tourists will admire the landscape and the rows of whitewashed cottages. However, prostate unknown to them, underneath this picture-postcard facade, there lurk the beating hearts of some of the fiercest darts competitors in the northern hemisphere.

    Kenny Cool with Cuddy: brilliant arrows when sober
    The Shieldaig […]

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  • Dirty Canvas, March 2008

    Dirty Canvas is London’s hottest Grime club night – and it run by my cousin DJ Magic (or Peter as we call him…)

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  • Suggested print-preparation

    This is the method I’ll be using to create prints sized 24×16 with a 2 inch white border for the Chestnuts House exhibition.
    Required technical specs:
    Canvas 28 x 20 inches
    Image 24 x 16 centered on canvas

    Open file as JPEG from RAW. I am using a Canon 5D and converting from RAW in Adobe Bridge @ 25.2MB.

    The initial dimensions of the open file.

    I increase image size to 24×16 without re-sampling. Others may prefer to re-sample to maintain DPI. But 256 DPI will be fine for exhibition prints.

    Then go to Canvas Size and add 2 inch border.

    This is how image should now look.

    Save using firstname-lastname-o1.ppg

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