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Taking Part

Taking Part: Image 17

I have contributed to an inspirational and diverse portfolio of photographs, which have been the result of a year-long collaboration by Image 17, a group of 13 Waltham Forest photographers. We have documented 48 community sports teams and groups and created a collection of 144 celebratory images, showing the breadth of sports available and the commitment of staff and volunteers in our community.

This project is the largest of its kind in the run-up to the 2012 Olympics and has received substantial press coverage, including a feature from the BBC Picture Editor and three pages in the Evening Standard.

My perspective for this project was to photograph people not often represented in sports photography. I therefore developed relationships with the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation and Leyton Orient Community Sports Programme which enabled me to work with senior citizens and two groups of adults with learning needs.

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Some guests are prime candidates for getting into accommodation and back into work on a relatively short time-scale: they just need some help getting there.

Guests & Volunteers

My recent large-scale portraits provide a rare glimpse inside the Crisis Rough Sleepers’ Centre in London, which operates during Christmas each year. Cameras are usually banned from the Centre, but as a long-term volunteer I was given permission to capture a series of portraits depicting guests and volunteers.

The images portray the dignified and respectful relationships that develop at the Centre. This series of work also challenges perceptions of homelessness: the subjects removed identifying name badges or wristbands, often making it unclear who is the guest and who is the volunteer.

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The Family Project | Mark Burton Photography

The Family Project

My ongoing project, now in its 5th year, is photographing and collecting oral histories from 25 families in England, Scotland, Wales, Germany, the USA and Zambia. This long-term project has been inspired by the typography work of August Sander and Rineke Dijkstra.

Families are photographed using a medium format film camera. Subjects are drawn into the photograph by this more time-consuming method of working with film and long exposures. They forget trying to smile for a snapshot and become absorbed by the process, creating intense portraits. This format also allows the images to be enlarged on a painterly scale.

Portraits from the Stadium | Mark Burton Photography E17

Portraits from the Stadium

This project was exhibited as part of the E17 Art Trail 2010.

During the last week of the Walthamstow Dogs in 2008 I took a series of portrait photographs of staff, dog-trainers and people from the crowd. The portraits were captured with a medium format film camera using a tripod and a long exposure. Working like this slows down the picture-taking process: it takes time to set up the camera, tripod and compose the photograph. My subjects often start concentrating on what I’m doing which helps create intense portraits. I like to think this series of photos also captures the mood of the evening – one of sadness at the stadium’s imminent demise.

Read more about Portraits from the Stadium on the E17 Art Trail Blog.

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Living Wage - Martha & Mari-Lois

Living Wage

During 2007 I spent a week driving from Charlottesville, Virginia to New Orleans, Louisiana. Along the way I ate at diners and truck-stops, and interviewed and photographed the women working there.

These women were working to support themselves and sometimes up to three generations of their families.