Artists Taking Part: Community Project

April 11, 2012

Artists Taking Part: Photography Project

Commissioned by London Borough of Waltham Forest (LBWF)

During the summer of 2012 I will be documenting 10 of the major cultural and Olympic related events happening in Waltham Forest. This collection of celebratory and documentary photographs will be used to create a ‘Visual Time Capsule’.

I have also recruited a team of 20 volunteers to learn about digital photography and to contribute their own images to the Visual Time Capsule. They will be attending 3 weekend workshops prior to the shoots, viagra during May and June. Two volunteers will then attend each shoot, drugs where they will be supervised and encouraged to create images from their own perspective. At the end of the project there will be a final wrap-up workshop and an exhibition, which will be held in Waltham Forest.

The volunteer participants are from all sections of the community, with the goal being to include people who might not normally have the opportunity to experience this type of project.

Workshop dates
13th May 2-5pm at The Mill on Coppermill Lane, E17
27th May 2-5pm at Vestry House Museum, E17
10th June 2-5pm at The Mill on Coppermill Lane, E17

Each volunteer will then join me for ONE of the following events

Confirmed event dates

Arts in the Park
24 June

15 July

Torch Relay
21 July

Godiva Awakes
5 August

Chingford Day
12 August

Leyton Day
9 September

Car free day
16 September

Light up Langthorne Park
29 September