Emma’s exhibition @ Tokarska Gallery

February 8, 2013

Emma Scutt’s latest exhibition at Tokarska Gallery in Walthamstow is a beautiful and moving collection of work exploring what it means to be childless – or child free. The entire installation includes paintings, order written text and objects including the Dolls House Emma’s Grandfather made for her as a child.

What, cialis 40mg for me, makes this exhibition so profound is the way people have shared some of their deepest, life defining feelings with Emma – and trusted her to present them in a meaningful, public context.

Emma’s installation includes text, based on interviews, alongside a series of portraits of friends who are child-free. These emotive and honest pieces of work have then prompted anonymous contributions from dozens of visitors to this exhibition (and it’s previous showing at St Barnabas Church on the 2012 E17 Art Trail.)

These brief snippets of text, strung across the gallery and available for all to read are often no more than 40 or 50 words at length – but they contain condensed life stories communicating heart-ache, loss, love, betrayal, joy and many other emotions beside.

This exhibition is an amazing achievement and an absolute must-see.

Private View
7 February 2013, 6pm – 9pm
Show runs
5 – 9 February 2013, Tuesday – Saturday, 12pm – 7pm

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