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fLIP Magazine launch, issue #18

fLIP Magazine Launch, March 2011

fLIP Launch March 2011

The latest issue of fLIP Magazine at the launch party

Issue #18 of fLIP, the magazine from London Independent Photography (LIP) was launched on Thursday 10th March at The Old Crown on New Oxford Street.

The issue’s theme ‘Street Life’ was well-timed, as the UK is celebrating street photography this year at numerous exhibitions, events and festivals.

fLIP Launch March 2011

Steve, Bardia and Christina looking at the new issue of fLIP for the first time

There are always lots of submissions for fLIP from LIP’s community of enthusiastic and creative photographers. The first look at the magazine is always exciting to see which work was selected.

fLIP Launch March 2011

One of David Solomons photos being shown on the slideshow which ran throughout the evening

All the work selected for the latest issue was shown on a slideshow – alongside many of the images that were submitted but didn’t make the magazine.

fLIP Launch March 2011

Tiffany, editor of fLIP with Hamish and Bardia

fLIP is edited by Tiffany Jones with Virginia Khuri and Jeanine Billington. Their hard work and comprehensive knowledge of the photography world shines through in each issue. Tiffany does a superb job of editing an eclectic group of work into a cohesive collection of images. I think this latest issue is the best yet and it’s no surprise that fLIP is recognised as a premier photography magazine and is being sold at The Tate, National Portrait Gallery and Whitechapel Gallery bookshops.

fLIP Launch March 2011

Zack, one of LIPs newest members reading fLIP magazine

fLIP magazine is beautifully designed by Martin Nicholls. LIP are fortunate to have someone who is prepared to volunteer so much time and expertise.

fLIP Launch March 2011

Three of London's most respected street photographers: Sean McDonnell, Peter Marshal and David Solomons

fLIP does an fantastic job of showcasing work by LIP members and other photographers making great work. I’d highly recommend it!

Information on two major street photography events in London this year:
Museum of London Street Photography
London Street Photography Festival


Brian Griffin: Janet Hall Memorial Lecture

Left: Ken Livingstone & Tony Winterbottom. City Hall, London 2010 - "Road to 2012" National Portrait Gallery project for 2012 London Olympics
Right: Woman Chainmaker, Cradley Heath, UK 2010. "The Black Country" project for the College des Bernardins, Paris.

Creativity and financial reward don’t always go hand-in-hand but renowned portrait photographer, Brian Griffin, has found out how to survive financially and make the work he wants to.

On the 22nd March he’ll be explaining how he’s achieved this at a lecture organised by London Independent Photography.

Brian is widely acknowledged as one of Britain’s most influential photographers and explains, “In 2001 I decided that I would never take photographs again purely for money, and would find ways to survive purely on my creativity. Since adopting that philosophy I have managed to keep going – just!”

Brain is famous for his groundbreaking approach to portraiture and numerous high profile projects stretching from ‘Work’ in the 1980′s to his current project charting ‘The Road to 2012′, commissioned by the National Portrait Gallery.

‘This talk is a fantastic opportunity to hear first-hand how an internationally recognised photographer has managed to develop their creative vision – and pay the bills,’ explains LIPs publicity officer, Mark Burton. ‘Brian has been at the top for many, many years and we’re delighted that this inspirational photographer has agreed to share his insights and experience with us.’

Brian’s lecture is part of an annual programme of lectures that are held in honour of LIP co-founder, Janet Hall. Previous Janet Hall Memorial lecturers have been Simon Norfolk, Martin Parr and Paul Hill.

London Independent Photography is a community based organisation of amateur and professional photographers with over 600 members.

7.00pm. Tuesday 22nd March, 2011
Rudolf Steiner House
35 Park Road, London NW1 6XT
Nearest tube: Baker Street

Tickets £8 or £10 at the door
To book, click here

London Independent Photography

Brian Griffin’s website

The Road to 2012

Red Lion Pub Shoreditch

LIP Shoreditch January Talks, upstairs at the Red Lion

Red Lion Pub Shoreditch

The Red Lion Pub in Shoreditch

The Shoreditch group of London Independent Photography meet every month in the Red Lion Pub. Its a warm, friendly place – with an extremely small front door. So always a tight fit if you’re entering with a back-pack and projector…

Copyright: Andy Preston

'Wandsworth' by Andy Preston

Andy showed us a selection of his recent urban landscapes. They look like they’ve been shot on a large format camera – but are in fact digital images. Andy has an eye for capturing revealing moments of urban life – often with an underlying sense of humour – and these garden chairs in front of a massive gas holder are a great example of this.

It’s well worth some time looking at more of Andy’s photography portfolio online. Andy composes beautiful and rhythmic images out of subject matter you wouldn’t initially think could be interesting – like industrial estates.

Waiting for the Bus: Jerusalem

'Waiting for the Bus: Jerusalem' Jonathan Goldberg

Jonathan showed us work from his ‘Waiting for the Bus’ project which he’s been photographing around the world for several years. The series includes photos from Japan, India, Turkey, Australia, Italy, Mexico, USA and this image shot recently in Israel.

I think this project is a great example of building up a body of work over a very long period of time. If Jonathan had tried to shoot all of this project at once he’d have needed a lot of time on his hands (and he’d also probably need to be independently wealthy!) And photographers, as a general rule, are neither time or cash rich… But, by adding one or two countries each year he’s creating an impressive collection of images that are all of the same thing – a bus stop – but are actually all completely different and reveal specific details about the culture and way of life where they were shot.

You can see more from this project on Jonathan’s editorial photography website.

Copyright: David Solomons

'Marble Arch Subway' by David Solomons

David is a highly respected street photographer that has been taking photos for twenty years. He did a fascinating talk showing his work from pre-student days, through college and up to his present projects.

His work captures moments of great spontaneity like this image above – but there is a huge amount of thought, patience and planning that goes into his photos. This image is from an on-going series entitled ‘The West End’ and David has shot over 1000 rolls of film for what he expects to be a 60-70 photo book.

In other words, these apparently spontaneous images are actually the result of many hours of hunting down these moments. (And then being ready with his camera when they happen.) Back in the studio, another process then begins – which is to edit and select the images that reveal story David wants to tell.

Something I found particularly interesting was David describing his journey from using film cameras, to digital cameras and then back to film again. He now shoots on a Leica – which is small, discreet and very quiet. This allows him to get close to his subjects which he felt the larger and noisier digital cameras prevented.

You can see more of David’s work on his street and editorial photography website.

On a string: Patrick Wilken

'On a string' by Patrick Wilken

It takes something special to impress a room of photographers with a single shot – but that’s just what Patrick Wilken did with this fantastic photo of a horse being led by a man driving a van. He took it on a day out in Tornowsee, eastern Germany. He heard a noise behind him and turned round to see the horse on a string. It’s one of those ‘once in a lifetime’ shots where you just hope you have your camera with you and around your neck (and not at the bottom of your bag…)

Patrick is relatively new to photography and has already got a firm technical foundation. One of the things I hope these slide-show talks will encourage is helping people with a portfolio of excellent single shots, start developing longer-term projects like the ones Jonathan and David showed.

You can see more of Patrick’s work on flickr.

LIP Shoreditch Talk at Red Lion

LIP Shoreditch November Talks

On the last night of November 2010 four members of the Shoreditch LIP Satellite Group gave slide-show talks about their latest work.

About 20 of us gathered in the warm upstairs room of the Red Lion pub in Hoxton Square, as the snow swirled outside.

LIP Shoreditch Talk at Red Lion

The Shoreditch LIP members upstairs at the Red Lion

First up was Tiffany Jones, who also edits fLIP magazine. She showed work from New York, London, India and Ukraine. Tiffany talked about the evolution of her work through several projects. Some of my favourite photos were portraits of vegetable sellers in India.

Tiffany Jones - Vegetable Sellers

Vegetable Seller in Paharganj by Tiffany Jones

Steve Richmond showed work from London, Syria and a recent trip to North Korea. This last series of photos is featured in the latest issue of fLIP and I’d really enjoyed reading about Steve’s visit a few days before. Some of the photos Steve made were shot on old Kodachrome, and my favourite is this candid portrait of a tour guide.

Kimology by Steve Richmond

Kimology by Steve Richmond

I then showed work from my Family Project. It documents the lives of 20 families in six countries. I selected two families to talk about – the Vogelgesang’s from Charlottesville, Virginia and my friend Kenny who lives in the Highlands.

Mark Burton - Kenny, 2010

Kenny, 2010 by Mark Burton

Finally, Craig Stevenson showed a series of photos he’d taken covering the Debutantes Ball. He was following in the footsteps of Henri Cartier Bresson who photographed the event in the 50′s.

Craig Stevenson Debutantes

Debutantes from the 2009 London 'Season' by Craig Stevenson

We’re looking forward to seeing work by other members of the group next year!